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Willing to wait as long as necessary: On July Fourth, Sheetz lowers gas prices to $1.776.

Proclaiming freedom from expensive gas.

The Fourth of July holiday is being celebrated by Sheetz with a special deal for customers.

The gas station network said that on Tuesday, gas prices will drop to $1.776. The cost is in line with the year that the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

Customers at the Sheetz in Madison Heights remarked that it was a calm way to observe the holiday.

Customers frequently spent an hour in line to fill up their tank.

India Booker and other customers concurred when they remarked that the pricing was "you can't beat" and that it was generally worthwhile.

The sale started at midnight and will continue all day long or until all the goods are gone. All of the company's outlets around the nation are offering the price.

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